LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the most common cost efficient measures to help buildings save energy. Pay back can be, as low as, 1-2 years for common areas.

Upgrading from fluorescent to LED in a 24/7 lit stairwell saves upwards of 50% and as high as 85% with bi-level controls with incentives covering up to 70% of the upgrade cost.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation ensures that heat from the pipes reaches the intended destinations and energy loss does not occur from the pipes.

Secured $40,000 in rebates for pipe insulation project. Annual gas savings $22,000.


Advanced controls allow buildings to use outside air to cool inside spaces when optimal colder outside conditions exist instead of running AC.

Saving up to 30% of cooling costs, 70% of these upgrades can be paid for with incentives.

Motors & VFDs

Variable Frequency Drives are a motor controller which varies the frequency/voltage supplied to the electric motor.

A motor running at 50% power can provide 80% speed.

Secured over $100,000 annually in rebates for installing VFDs on condenser/hot water pumps & return/supply fans saving one of our commercial clients $100,000’s annually.

Steam Traps

Steam distribution systems contain steam traps that fail on average every 3 years. Broken traps increase the amount of steam needed by the building, increasing energy usage. By identifying, repairing & regularly monitoring a building can save thousands of dollars annually.

Significant rebates for replacing faulty traps and testing are available covering up to 70% of the survey & repair cost.


There are energy savings associated with upgrading old elevators. The removal of motor generator sets, DC to AC conversion, regenerative drives, installing efficient motors, and geared to gearless motors all save energy.

Secured over 100 elevator modernization projects and $1,000,000’s of dollars in incentives for our clients

Boiler Upgrades

Hi-efficient boilers can achieve efficiencies up to 98%, compared to standard 70% standard efficiency models.

Roof Insulation

Insulating roof/walls saves energy by stopping heat loss. After successful insulation, less heat will escape from the building during winter & more cold air will be kept inside during the summer.

Secured $25,000 in rebates for installing energy efficient roof insulation. Saving the building approximately 10% in gas costs.

Building Controls

An Energy Management System (EMS) is a computerized tool to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of building mechanical systems.

Secured $80,000 for installing a control system saving $50,000 annually.

Air Flow

Utilizing blower door technology we are able to diagnose and resolve cold drafts, heating/cooling issues, dust, food & smoke issues between apartments.

We determine areas of air infiltration into the apartment with proprietary techniques to eliminate air pathways in walls and plumbing chases.

Windows & Doors

Replacing old exterior windows & doors saves energy by stopping air leakage. Upgrading to newer windows & doors will reduce heating and cooling costs.

Heating and cooling savings occur from the tightening of the building envelope and using low e-glass (energy efficient glass).